My year in a nutshell

Gratitude — theย word that encompasses everything I learned this year.ย  Continue reading “My year in a nutshell”


Atami: Roses and Fireworks

We went to Atami, Shizuoka last year (yes, you heard that right, last year!). Thanks to Facebook memories, I was reminded of this trip and decided to write about it — a year later, because why not? ๐Ÿ˜†

A 48-minute bullet train ride from Tokyo, Atami offers serene views of Sagami Bay (safe to say, the Pacific Ocean?). Just the break we needed from the bustling Metropolis. (Writing under the scorching heat got me daydreaming about a beach trip on a Monday. ๐Ÿ˜ญ)The view from our room was breathtaking — mackerel clouds over clear blue skies, a slush on one hand, and a book on another. Continue reading “Atami: Roses and Fireworks”

Weekend: Enoshima sunset (2/2)

fullsizeoutput_85dFrom Kamakura, we rode the Enoden line to Enoshima, a small island off the coast of Kanagawa Prefecture. It was almost sundown when we arrived, and we were immediately mesmerized by the golden sun reflecting the ocean. We spent a considerable amount of time basking around the shore. Continue reading “Weekend: Enoshima sunset (2/2)”

Weekend: Tranquil Kamakura (1/2)

IMG_7765Kamakura has always been an item on my to-visit list since I set foot in Japan. Yesterday, we finally found the time to fit a day trip in our busy schedules. I have to admit, my friends and I were dead tired from a long week’s work, but I’m so glad we pushed through.

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Fuji: A life changing encounter

When I learned that I was going to Japan to work for a year, I immediately bumped up Mt. Fuji from my bucket list to my to-do list. True enough, just two months after I set foot in this country, I climbed its highest peak.ย  Continue reading “Fuji: A life changing encounter”