Many things I’m thankful for last year — from the extraordinary to the mundane; from climbing Mt. Fuji to having the opportunity to call Tokyo my home. Ushering in the new year with a grateful heart, resilient spirit, and a mindset that’s ready to face whatever lies ahead. Cheers to 2018! πŸ₯‚



Midnight musings: Hello, September!Β 

FullSizeRender 203And just like that, eight months have gone by like a breeze. Can’t believe we’re now nearing the end of the year.Β  Continue reading “Midnight musings: Hello, September!Β “

Brave the world’s scramble

So my friend and I braved the world’s busiest crosswalk, the Shibuya crossing.

When in Japan, one shouldn’t miss the iconic scramble. It gives you an instant feel of the busy city life but reminds you to stop and smell the roses, take everything in.Β  Continue reading “Brave the world’s scramble”