Afternoons and tulips

IMG_4516With all the cherry blossom trees turning green, we were meant to chase more flowers in bloom this season. Cherry blossoms out, tulips in!

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15 Personal Commandments

I don’t know if it’s mostly because of the exuberance of spring, or the music I’ve been listening to, or the books and blogs I’ve been reading… but it’s just one of those rare moments into the noisy confusion of adulthood where I’m  actually just inspired and happy.

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Turning 22 in Tokyo

fullsizeoutput_88cI would probably consider my 21st year as a milestone, a major turning point in my life.

At 21, I landed my second job, moved to one of the world’s most populous cities, climbed Mt. Fuji, and became a better version of myself. It wasn’t easy, and it will forever be a work in progress. But as in any metamorphosis, it’s a painstakingly beautiful journey. Continue reading “Turning 22 in Tokyo”

Weekend: Enoshima sunset (2/2)

fullsizeoutput_85dFrom Kamakura, we rode the Enoden line to Enoshima, a small island off the coast of Kanagawa Prefecture. It was almost sundown when we arrived, and we were immediately mesmerized by the golden sun reflecting the ocean. We spent a considerable amount of time basking around the shore. Continue reading “Weekend: Enoshima sunset (2/2)”