Kisses from heaven

fullsizeoutput_3175When snow started falling like kisses from heaven, I stood and looked up for a good three seconds before a snowflake caught my eye — my first snowfall. 

People hailing from tropical countries with basically only hot and hotter seasons would back me up on this: It feels surreal to watch the streets turn white.

It didn’t take long for us to grab snowballs and play in the snow. “Worry about the flu and the runny nose tomorrow. Today, we’ll go out and play.” was what I thought I heard the inner child in me said. It doesn’t snow as hard as this every day — go seize it. So played I did indeed. Then I thought, it’s not that bad.

After 23 cm, snow stopped falling. It was the heaviest snow to hit Tokyo in four years. But freezing temperatures kept snow-choked roads slick and breathtakingly beautiful.

fullsizeoutput_3938Snow accumulated on the streets stayed there for about a week or two… until cozy nights didn’t seem so cozy anymore. Sneezes came to me more often than they should have. It was as though Jack Frost was always nipping at my nose. Hot chocolate and knitted cardigans became a staple. And Thursdays felt more like Mondays to me.

For the longest time, I thought I loved the cold. I like it though, I really do. But I wasn’t made for winter. No winter wanderings for me, just books and movies.

Spring is fast approaching with the promise it brings — rebirth and sunny days ahead!


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