Exploring Ueno

Last week, we spent the whole Saturday out at Ueno, a 20-minute train ride away from Ikebukuro. We strolled around the place, taking in the tranquility and the welcoming fresh air.

In front of the National Museum of Nature and Science, feeling so small in this big world

The bronze satue of Noguchi Hideyo heating a test tube, while working on his research on Yellow Fever. It wasn’t long till he himself contracted the disease. Inscribed below his statue are the words “Pro bono humanis generis” which translates from Latin as “For the good of human kind.”

The Thinker with the wanderer and her love for impressionism

Then we went to Ueno Zoo, a massive 14.3 hectare zoo and Japan’s oldest running zoo which dates back to 1882! Wow. Entrance fee costs Β₯600 per adult. Worth every cent!

It houses two pandas, RiRi and ShinShin who were pregnant at that time!

RiRi, the anxious father-to-be was sleeping when we got there while ShinShin was removed from public viewing. She gave birth to a healthy cub last Monday, the couple’s first after five long years.

Warning: Photo heavy section ahead!

Most of the photos were taken at the West end of the zoo. There were times when my eyes were left rapt in awe that I forgot to take pictures! There were caves for nocturnal animals too. Very interesting.

The zoo is soooo big, we didn’t even know there was an East section. By the time we got there by monorail, it was too late to explore everything. We missed viewing the giraffes and other animals inside the zoo. It closes at 4 p.m. and viewing ends at 3:30. So if you plan to go, be sure to be early!

Ueno has a lot to offer, from its iconic zoo, parks, gardens to tons and tons national museums. I will definitely go back to satisfy my thirst for art.

Till my next blog post!

xx katie


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