Official Residents of Japan

So we finally set foot in Japan! 

Our house is a two-hour bus ride and a 20-minute walk away from the airport. My arms were sore for at least two days from carrying all the luggages.

It was cloudy and windy that day and the temperature dropped to 11 degrees when we arrived. We were freezing on our uniforms.

We all settled in, chose our beds and changed for a quick stroll around the city and ate our hearts out during dinner.

The next day,  we went to Toshima City Hall to get our じゅうみんひょう. We are now officially residents of Japan! It came with an envelope, a residence card, along with maps and other informational sheets like a pamphlet on how to recycle wastes in the city, etc.Then we went to the bank to open our accounts. We also got our stamps called いんかん (inkan) with our signatures on it. It made signing documents easier!

いんかん (inkan) is a very traditional stamp that Japanese use for signatures.

And the food. It’s amazing.

The place is clean and safe. You wouldn’t mind walking alone.

That’s all for now! Excited to share my experiences soon. Till my next post!

xx katie


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