Work and perspectives

kateleen writes workHere’s how looking at things from a different perspective kept me going.

There really are days at work that makes me question my capabilities and sometimes even, self-worth.

Am I pushing myself enough? Can I do better?  Is it time to step up and assert?

But persistence is key to self-improvement. Hang in there. Remember, doing something every day eventually makes you better at it.

There are days where I am in constant battle with myself, that no matter how much I look at it optimistically, my skepticism gets the better of me.

Is this it? Why do I always seem to fail, make petty mistakes, fall short? Can I be anything better than this? Am I worth it?

But at the end of the day, I guess generally I am not a destructive person. I tend to view all things constructively, as I always have as a child. I always take it as a learning experience, as something I can benefit from in the future.

It is a motivation to do better. The climb is always a struggle and an affirmation of your hustle to your destination.

Setbacks exist not to pull you down, but to propel you forward.

However, as humans, we are all entitled to feel pain. It is only normal and healthy to feel sad, and acknowledge that you are.

It’s just a matter of how you view things from a different perspective and how you pick yourself up from there.


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