Love is a choice


“Choose someone you can stand because there will be days that you really, really hate that person,” was the advice our boss told us over dinner and wine a few days back.

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Random ruminations

Artwork by Andara Sanchez

Here’s to taming demons and healing pain.

Here’s to confidence, persistence and resilience — to bouncing back better than before.

Here’s to chasing passions and pursuing dreams.

Whatever it takes. Come what may.


Artwork by Alexandra Levasseur

I know I am not a very likable person nor the most approachable one. I am not the ball of energy in the room, nor the happiest person on earth. Continue reading “Blah”


7 Things I’ve learned at work


So all this work-related stuff is new to me. New environment, new set of people. But I’ve survived the first few weeks and was able to adjust easily and had fun along the way. One month into the job and here’s what I’ve learned so far: Continue reading “7 Things I’ve learned at work”