April Happy Pills


The past few days have been constant beach days and night outs, a means to escape the reality of the present. I’ve basically went off the path and went shopping and going around, did a lot of reading, and spent time with family, especially with my little cousins and nephew. But it never erased the anxiety I felt every night before I dozed off, and the uncertainty I felt as I open my eyes in the morning. Despite that, I’ve managed to keep myself busy and happy by reading The Happiness Project and seeing my nails grow! Continue reading “April Happy Pills”


Life Lately

Back in grade school, I remember the days I prayed for 2016 to come. I calculated then that it was the year I would finally finish school. I dreaded the routine: wake up, take a shower, eat, go to school, see the same faces every day, go home, repeat. I’ve only been to one school from pre-school to college, and when you belong to the top section, you literally see the same faces every day, every school year. I hated that. Continue reading “Life Lately”