Pay attention

I’ve been walking to the office everyday for 2 months now and I only noticed this pretty wall today. I’ve been missing so much. While it is good to stay focused, it is also important to slow down and notice the life around you. It’s the little things that makes all the difference. 😊

Brave the world’s scramble

So my friend and I braved the world’s busiest crosswalk, the Shibuya crossing.

When in Japan, one shouldn’t miss the iconic scramble. It gives you an instant feel of the busy city life but reminds you to stop and smell the roses, take everything in. 

It was a beautiful Saturday and Shibuya was teeming with life. Then it suddenly dawned on me… In a sea of people, there’s only one you. 

You have all the right to be here. Seize the day. Live in the moment.

It’s better to wake up one day, saying ‘Man, I can’t believe I did that!’ rather than ‘I wish I did that.’

You will never be this young again. Take risks, make big, bold steps. Hop on that train and see where your feet can take you. Get out of your comfort zone and embrace beauty of the world beyond your closed doors. 

Don’t just survive and work to pay bills. Get out and live. 



Fire burning


Deeper than it seems


Sometimes, albeit it shouldn’t be


Withering, ebbing. 


No. Defy gravity.


That’s all you can see.


Like a moth to a flame,


A boat on rough seas,


Sink or swim

Do or die

Walk in the rain

Shine through the fire.

Like the wind to eagle’s wings,


As the resilient as trees,


Panoramic Tokyo

I knoooow, this is one week late, but here it goes. 

We capped off our Golden Week with another day tour, this time around Tokyo. My vision of Japan, Tokyo in particular, has always been filled with busy intersections, crowded trains, and the bustling, fast-paced city life. But wait, the capital has so much more to offer. Continue reading